Our Partners

Why Choose Us?

We are who are clients are!
We are the preferred and trusted partner of the biggest companies and product lines in the Philippines:

Company Affiliates

  • Super Industrial Corporation
    Manufactures of Super Pipes
  • Phesco Inc.
    General Contractor
  • Pheschem Industrial Corporation
    Manufacturer of Lime and Light carbonated calcium another chemicals
  • United Fortune Multi-lines, Inc.
    Merchandising / Marketing of Super Pipes & other construction materials
  • Asia Investment, Inc.
    Real Estate
  • Ferchan Investment, Inc.
    Real Estate
  • Rainwater Resources
    Real Estate
  • Cheng Ban Yek
    Manufacturer / Importer / Wholesaler of Baguio Oil, White Rabbit Candy etc.
  • Tel – Pacific Pty Ltd. (Australia)
    Telecommunication (Listed on ASX) Code TPC
  • Call Matrix Corporation
    Business Process Outsourcing / Call Center
  • Social Media Inc.
    Online Group Buying Website
  • JIA2 Corporation
    FMCG / Importer / Distributor

Trade Partners

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores


Convenience Stores and Drug Stores

Hotels, Coffee Shops and other Establishments